much mirror. such reflection. wow.

Aaron Jacob Willman is a male member of the species Homo sapiens sapiens; genus Homo, family Hominidae. He is of above-average height, loves strong coffee, and has the known genetic variants necessary to result in his irises having a green coloration. 

Aaron Jacob Willman is a particularly bright member of the Homo sapiens species. He enjoys reading books about biology, philosophy, linguistics, and cognitive psychology, and shows exceedingly strong verbal and above average perceptual reasoning capabilities. There is much evidence of autodidacticism, as he shows a wide range of innate and learned abilities, foremost being the creation of visual media for his professional and artistic endeavors, and a natural aptitude in technological application.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Video Production and Digital Media, he now resides in San Francisco, California, and continues to work in the field of production, while pursuing a degree in Computer Networking and Cybersecurity. Aaron takes great pride in being an alumnus staff member of prestigious education and news organizations, and eagerly anticipates the next opportunity. 

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